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February 8, 2021

Marketware International Announces Strategic Collaboration with InterGen Data to provide their Life Stage Life Event data to their Wealth Management clients via its OneWorld Alliance initiative 

Marketware International collaborates with InterGen Data to help banks and financial services organizations modernize and expand their customers’ experiences by hyper-personalizing their wealth management offerings. 

Today, the companies announced that they are collaborating to offer InterGen Data’s proprietary Life Stage and Life Events data as well as their Artificial Intelligence based Machine Learning “AI/ML” capabilities to build solutions that will help clients use data to better serve their customers.  

As customers increasingly demand integrated financial advice across their investments and cash-management needs these solutions can provide clients with a real-time, 360-degree view of customers and generate new insights for growth.  Additionally, Advisors and Agents also benefit as predictive solutions provide for the added opportunity to engage more effectively and thus move away from isolated investment relationships with clients to one that will address their primary financial services needs more holistically.

“In our Financial Industry, leading organizations are actively looking to turn data into business insights and help create lifetime value and loyalty from their customers” said Jose Pierre, CEO at Marketware. “Expanding the scope of our Marketware OneWorld collaboration is a great example of how we are positioning to fuel our clients’ next generation of digital innovation and business growth using the power of AI to deliver unique outcomes.  For us, Connections = Innovation = Value so, we are thrilled to now offer the InterGen Data Products and Services to our clients through our Marketware OneWorld Alliance initiative.” 

“Today, all businesses are expected to meet, anticipate, and exceed the needs of their clients and a hyper-personalized, highly contextual communication that is specific to each customer providing the right guidance, at the right time, and through the right channel is paramount to success” said Robert J. Kirk, CEO of InterGen Data.  “Our proprietary technology allows you to understand what’s likely to happen to each individual, when its likely to occur, and see how much of an economic impact that it could have on their financial journey.  Simply put, this is the only way to hyper-personalize your communications … otherwise you’re just guessing” Kirk further stated.

About Marketware
Marketware with offices in the United States, services some of the largest banks and brokers in North America and abroad. Marketware is well recognized globally for its webBroker retail trading platform, Wealth Management solutions.  Marketware focuses on business and technology to help clients create value for their stakeholders. 

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About InterGen Data, Inc.

InterGen Data, Inc. (InterGen Data) is a startup focused on disrupting the bank, financial services, and insurance industries by providing proprietary Life Event Data, analytics, and predictive modeling through their proprietary AI based ML algorithms to identify when someone is likely to have an important life event occur, what that event could be, and how much of an economic impact that it would have on their financial journey. They supply this data and analytics to banks, financial services, and insurance companies.

For more information on InterGen Data, Inc. visit

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