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March 22. 2021

Marketware International and Datainventa have signed an agreement with University of Notre Dame to share global news data APIs for research purposes. 

The new collaboration will allow faculty, students and researchers of Notre Dame’s Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society to access global news data APIs for research and to develop advanced analytics that address real-world business challenges through data-science and new analytics innovations.  

The relationship combines Notre Dame’s interdisciplinary research capabilities, Datainventa’s Natural Language Processing expertise with Marketware’s Financial Business and Technology experience.

“We are excited about this collaboration with Datainventa and Marketware International,” said Nitesh Chawla, the Frank M. Freimann Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, and Director of the Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society. “As we advance data science algorithms and methods for Natural Language Processing and text mining, having access to real-world data with its own sundry of challenges makes for a relevant and practical experience for students. It provides an ability to truly validate innovations out of our research lab.” 

“Our collaboration with Notre Dame is a great leap forward, putting our technology in the hands of research leaders,” said Som Sagar, CEO of Datainventa. “We believe our technology will be a foundational building block in solving some of the most challenging text mining problems in the Healthcare and Financial industries. This is an important validation of our “Hybrid AI for Real-World Natural Language Processing” approach, and we are confident that our collaboration with Notre Dame will bring great innovations to the market.”

“Leveraging leading-edge analytics capabilities is essential to deliver outcome-focused, business innovations,” said Jose Pierre, CEO, Marketware International. “Through our Marketware OneWorld initiative, we seek to deliver maximum value from AI and data, enabling secured and robust application of AI to the marketplace.  Bringing together our Industry expertise to collaborate with the talented Notre Dame researchers will allow us to apply leading-edge research and tools in data science, data analytics for predictive analytics solutions and, for innovative strategies to tackle real-world problems. We’re excited about our new relationship with The Notre Dame Lucy Institute”.  

About University of Notre Dame 

The University of Notre Dame is among the nation’s leading research universities, committed to the highest level of scientific and scholarly inquiry and the development of moral citizens who apply their knowledge, skills and talents to serve society and the world. Inspired by Catholic values, Notre Dame comprises a global community of scholars dedicated to educational excellence and the betterment of humanity. For more information, visit

About Marketware International
Marketware International has developed high performance software solutions for the financial community since 1995, headquartered in the United States, Marketware services some of the largest banks and brokers in North America and abroad. Marketware is well recognized globally for its webBroker retail trading platform and, Wealth Management solutions. Marketware focuses on business and technology to help clients create value for their stakeholders.  For information on Marketware’s OneWorld “innovation first” initiative, visit

About DataInventa
DataInventa provides state-of-the-art, highly customizable, hybrid AI-assisted Named Entity Recognition (NER) API, enabling organizations and corporations to extract insights from unstructured data such as such as Company Names, Brands, Drugs, Signs & Symptoms, Medical Conditions, Medications, Dosages, Frequency, Medical Procedures, etc. and create super accurate knowledge graphs for text mining, predictive modelling, improving research, and helping healthcare practices at large.   

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